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Leading producer of grilles, registers, and diffusers focusing on providing a superior product at competitive pricing levels. Each product is individually inspected for quality before it is packaged. Our registers are engineered and tested to the industry's highest standards.  Click here for more information.



The era of smart refrigerant evacuation begins here with the combination of inverter, vacuum measurement and smart control in one unit.

The light-weight, inverter-driven, twin-cylinder vacuum pump delivers high-speed evacuation along with high ultimate vacuum.   Vacuum measurement technology precisely measures the system pressure.   A digital display provides a comprehensive view of the systems internal vacuum condition.

Smart control assures the system’s vacuum by automatically extending the evacuation time after the system reaches the preset vacuum level. A built-in solenoid valve prevents oil back flow and seals the system to preserve the vacuum during power outage or accidental disconnect.

Upon completion of operation, the unit will beep to remind the technician that evacuation is complete, so they can move on to the next job.
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Does a Flood-it Bounce?  Watch the video.

The original cordless floodlight
A tool box essential since 2013, everyone needs a PRO.

The FLOOD-IT™ PRO is a portable light that incorporates high quality lithium-ion batteries and COB LED chips giving clear bright light for up to 4 hours on one charge. The PRO means you can push on and get the job done, even in the worst conditions.

  • Super versatile & lightweight
  • Range of available accessories
  • Rechargeable & cordless
  • Mains & car charger included

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Robertshaw Controls has added Braeburn thermostats to their product offering.

Braeburn BlueLink Model 7300 Thermostat

Affordable Smart Wi-Fi Solution Universal 7 Day, 5-2 Day or Non-Programmable with 5” LCD display, soft-touch buttons and our patented SpeedBarŽ technology. Allows you to provide a cost effective Smart Wi-Fi solution for any residential or commercial application.

Common Features and Benefits

• 7 Day, 5-2 Day or Non-Programmable
• Residential or Commercial Modes
• Auto or Manual Changeover
• Bright Blue Backlit Display
• Adjustable Temperature Limits
• Hardwire or Battery Powered
• Programmable and Circulating Fan Modes
• Wired Remote Sensor Capability
• Wireless Remote Sensor Capability–Indoor,
Outdoor or Humidity (7320)
• Auxiliary Heat Fossil Fuel Option (7305, 7320)
• Heat Pump Balance Points (7305, 7320)
• Auxiliary “A” Terminal for Economizer, Fresh Air
or Output Control (7305, 7320)
• “C” Common Wire Required for Wi-Fi Operation.

Braeburn 2020 - 1H / 1C*

• Single Stage Conventional or Heat Pump Systems
• Millivolt Systems

7 Day, 5-2 Day or Non-Programmable Flexible for a variety of applications.
Large 3 sq. in Display with Bright Blue Backlight.
Easy to view and change settings.
Adjustable Temperature Limits.
Control energy costs with heat / cool setpoint limits.
Hardwire or Battery Powered
Flexible installation power options
Quick Reference Instruction Card
English / Spanish user instructions with
FREE Contractor Branding


MARS Azure Motors. The Next-Generation of Variable Speed Technology
The Azure Digi-Motor from MARS is a high efficiency variable speed direct drive blower motor for a multitude of applications including heat pumps, air handlers, and fossil fuel equipment.

Azure replaces both standard PSC and OEM Genteq X-13 motors. Two motors cover ratings from 1/5 HP to 1 HP at 115V or 230V and CW or CCW rotation.

View the Mars Azure sell sheet here>>

MA Approval and NSF 61 Testing
Official listing on the Massachusetts Accepted Plumbing Products for use with potable and non-potable water is now online. This means that AQUECOIL™ HHU units may be installed with boilers OR water heaters in the state of Massachusetts.

To qualify for this, AQUECOIL™ model HHU coils were submitted to an independent testing laboratory in California. Tests were performed to prove compliance with the NSF/ANSI 61-2012, section 8 standard. Upon successful completion and analysis, the official test report was submitted to the MA Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Fitters. The listing was updated to add a special note allowing installation with potable water.

While other states do not have this regulation, the listing should serve to settle any questions about the use of Bindus Manufacturing’s AQUECOIL™ HHU products with conventional and tankless water heaters.

Click here to view accepted plumbing products.


MultiAqua MHCFC4W Cassette Water Fan Coil.

  • 12,000 - 36,000 BTUH
  • Ductless Ceiling Mounted
  • Attractive Seamless Appliance Design
  • Cleanable Air Filter Provided
  • Wired to Accept 3-Speed 24V Thermostat

Click here to down load the MHCFC4W_Submittal Sheet.

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